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Table 3 HBOT RCTs in 2004–2013 and the quality score

From: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in China

The study Published time Sample size Quality score Study population The effect
Cao H 2013 Jun 30/30 2 Depression in the convalescent stage following cerebral hemorrhage effective
Chen TL 2012 Oct 30/30 2 Aggressive periodontitis and subgingival anaerobes effective
Peng Z 2012 Nov 68 2 Patients with herpes zoster effective
Tang XP 2011 Nov 60/60 2 Postoperative patients with intracranial aneurysm effective
Shao Y 2012 Mar 18/18 2 Radiation-induced hemorrhagic cystitis effective
Tang X 2011 Mar 116/116 2 Meningiomas with conspicuous peritumoral brain edema effective
Jiang W 2011 Jan 48/35 2 Late healed wounds after pharyngeal and laryngeal surgery effective
Liu Y 2010 Oct 60/60 1 Sudden deafness patients effective
Yuan JB 2011 Sep 12/12 1 Erectile function after posterior urethral reconstruction maybe effective