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Table 3 Original articles showing physiological effects and in vivo kinetics of hydrogen

From: Beneficial biological effects and the underlying mechanisms of molecular hydrogen - comprehensive review of 321 original articles -

Biological effects and in vivo kinetics of hydrogen References
Superoxide formation in brain slices in mice [332]
Gene expression profiles and signal transduction pathways evaluated by DNA microarray and RNA-seq in rodents [33]a, [12], [118]a, [248]a
Comparison of intermittent and continuous administration of hydrogen gas in rats [11]a
Safety of hydrogen inhalation in patients with cerebral ischemia [333]
A convenient method to estimate the concentration of hydrogen in water [334]
Hydrogen consumption in human body after hydrogen administration [335, 336]
Ghrelin induction and secretion by hydrogen-dissolved water in mice [95]a
Additive effects of hydrogen and NO [20, 158]a
In vivo kinetics of hydrogen after hydrogen administration in rodents [12, 337]
Lack of reactivity of hydrogen with peroxynitrite [338]
Antioxidant activity of nano-bubble hydrogen-dissolved water [339]
Additive effects of hydrogen gas and hydrogen-rich water [12]
  1. aThese articles are also listed in Table 2